Affordable Yoga

1026264_440867429343770_2077295224_oAffordable Yoga helps keep Yoga available to all people! It was our vision to create an intimate Yoga temple right off the avenue, unafraid of the spiritual aspects of Yoga and a space where we actually know each others names.


Our minimum suggested energy exchange is $10 for a single class,  or a minimum of $80.00 for a monthly membership fee which gives you access to all of our weekly yoga classes. We provide mats, blankets, blocks, water and tea all free of charge.

Practicing at our Yoga temple is similar to belonging to a Co-op. The exchange will help keep the cost of our classes and expenses low, so that all people can benefit.

It is a Universal Law that there must always be an exchange when receiving the teachings of Yoga. At this time money is our exchange if the participant does not exchange anything, ultimately they leave with nothing.

Regarding Giving…

If you are in a position to give more, and you feel it in your heart & budget to exchange more than the minimum, please do. Your generosity will cover those who need to give less. If you need to give less than the minimum by all means do not let this deter you from practicing with us. Our Yoga Temple is for all people! You will find that through practicing yoga and creating a healthy life style your prosperity and abundance will more than likely increase.

We created this model because we know the reality of our prosperity is transitioning. Sometimes we have a lot of abundance and sometimes our abundance is going through a shift. This should never be a reason why one is not able to practice yoga with a community.

Work Exchange

If you are in a position where a money exchange is not possible at this time, there are many other ways to create an equal energy exchange for classes. We need help operating, and promoting our space. If you are interested in work exchange please contact Siri Rishi at

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