Relasing Identities for Expansion of the Self 

How do we drop into our authentic Self if we are constantly labeling and tagging ourselves? How do we expand beyond our boundaries into an Expansive Being beyond all of our wildest dreams if we are constantly identifying ourselves, by our race, religion, sex, color and hue of skin, cultural identity, and even our age? These are just questions and ideas to experiment with with in the context of our practice. It is something I have been working with a lot lately. The Download that I am getting is RELEASE THE IDENTITIES. How are you going to see the other as yourself if you are cloaked and wrapped up in all of your preconceived ideas of who you think you are?

I believe part of the reason we identify ourselves by religion, race, nationality ,sexual preference, and other labels, is to help is feel like we belong. But.. lately I have been asking myself Belong to what? and why do we need this false sense of identification to feel like we belong? What is this illusion that we have built around all of our tribal identifications, when in truth the illusion has held us back from experiencing the Vastness of being a Light Minded Being in the Human Vessel experiencing Life on Earth. Wow! What if I am not what I claim to be, but instead I am a Star Child from another galaxy. Who is to say I am not ?

I ask these questions not to provoke or upset, but I am asking myself these questions because I want to experience life in the rawest state of authenticity and truth. I want to experience Life with out all of the Labels I have cosigned into believing. In my truth this story has been told through the limited point of view of someone from a whole different time and space than where I am today. I want to strip myself from all identifications to see if it is true that I can expand into an expansive part of myself that is UNDEFINABLE & UNNAMEABLE. I guess what I want is the Infinite. I would love to experience the Infinite in Finite time.

The only tools I have right now to work with that are for me true and tested is Kundalini Yoga. When I practice Kundalini Yoga I feel like the kriyas and meditations are keys to unlocking the stored DNA in my body that holds the answers to my deepest questions and deepest knowing from all of the Star Planets I lived on before revisiting back to our Mother Earth.

This particular meditation “The Ancient Way of Prayer” is another powerful meditation that Yogi Bhajan shared with us from the Vault of the Akashic Records that he had a direct link to. It is so powerful it is said that you are able to control the death of yourself and the death of others. What I love about the statement is I feel like we die everyday & every day we resurrect. So.. in an essence when you give devotion to your practice and your relationship with the Divine, it gives you an opportunity to control your death.  I will not go any further with that statement instead I would like to save that for another conversation.

Moving forward to the details of this meditation.

You can find this meditation in the manual Praana Praanee Pranayam which is an amazing manual full of great meditations dealing with the science of breath. You can find this manual at

The directions are to do the meditation for 11 minutes.

Before practicing Kundalini Yoga Meditaitons please tune in 3 x with ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO ~ Essentially you are calling on the Divine Teacher with in and all around you to protect you, and guide you while you practice. It’s a beautiful way we start our practice to give reverence to the teachers whom have come before us and to bow to the Infinite teacher who sees all and is with in all.

Then please proceed with the meditation for 11 minutes

Ending the meditation ~ Take time to sit in the space you have created. Give yourself a moment to really allow the senses to feel what has transitioned inside of your body and your mind. In this time give yourself the opportunity to connect to your SOUL. Yoga means to Merge with the Soul. If we don’t take the time to actually feel and experience the merger then what are we doing and why are we doing it?

At the end you can chant the Long time Sun or just 3 Sat Nams.

The beauty of chanting the Long time Sun is you are taking your practice and offering the energy to others through the power of your words and your intentions.


I hope this has been helpful and there are many more coming.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog and please feel free to respond and ask questions.

It is my mission to serve and share these teachings because I know what they have done for me in my life.

Peace to ALL, Love to ALL, Light to ALL,

Sat Nam!

Clearing the Past, Present, & Future so You can fully Witness the Now

What is fear? Why is it that so many people in our society are consumed with fear to the point where it blinds us from our magic, strength and creativity. Sometimes fear is a valid emotion warning us of danger ,but far too often fear is a fragment of our imagination, blocking us from our truth.  At this time and space there is an urgency for us all to fortify ourselves so that we can walk the fearless path and live the fearless Truth. I am noticing all of the meditations and Kriyas I am gravitating toward are powerful Kriyas to help me UNKNOT the patterns of the past. It’s as if the Kriyas are a live and they know exactly what my cells and atoms need to create the shift I need in the NOW. One of the beauties of Kundalini Yoga, is we don’t have to remember how or why the pattern is embedded in our subconscious we just have to do the work to Unknot it, and transmutate the energy.

If you are working through a Fear aspect of your life, If you are taking big leaps, and creating change in your life, then this meditation might help you move through the blocks that so often arise while you are on the path of  crystlilization. This Human Body is hardwired with a profound cellular sense of courage, Our spirit and Soul are here to assist and witness us making the impossible possible. So welcome the challenge and check out this meditation as a tool to help you create a courageous field of protection and fierceness so that you can really become present to the Fearlessness you were hard wired with no matter what your story from the past is.

This is one of my favorite renditions of Ad Gurey Nameh. Ad Gurey Nameh is a powerful mantra that protects the heart, brings peace and healing to the practioner, as well as it creates a strong projection of Courage from the Heart Chakra. The words we speak have so much power. I often think of the tongue, and the throat combined with breath, heart ,and mind as pure divine alchemy. We are always creating through the words we speak, the conversations we engage in, and the words we listen to through music etc..Mantra and chanting links us to the power of the Divine energy that moves through us and all around us. Whenever you chant any mantra be very conscious of the words that you speak to others but most importatly to yourself. Start to become aware of the subtle yet powerful shifts the mantras bring into you life and the the lives of those around you.

Ad Gurey Nameh is great for….

  • Use if you feel you need protection for yourself or your family.
  • Chant If you are not feeling secure and grounded (disconnected from Source)
  • If you are feeling a lot of static negative energy in your aura
  • Its great to chant 3 x before leaving your home, before driving a car or before boarding a plane.
  • Use if you want to create a powerful vibration of courage from the Heart Chakra
  • Remember that before chanting you want to tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo 3 x and close out with a long Sat Nam at the end.

The translation is:

Ad Guray Nameh – I bow to the Primal Wisdom ~ Jugad Guray Nameh – I bow to the wisdom through the Ages ~ Sat Guray Nameh – I bow to the true wisdom  ~ Siri Gur Devey Nameh I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

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