It’s Time Ya’ll We can do This” ~ Sandra Bland

Sandra Bland

It’s time ya’ll we can do this! I love Sandra’s words and her spirit. You can tell she was a wild woman, fearless, and uncontrollable. I saw myself in her as I watched the video of her arrest.  I saw and understood her sassy responses, I understood her anger, her upset and her refusal. Today I screamed, I howelled and I cried like a wolf. I am tired, like so many of us are tired of seeing the constant display of hate. This is beyond racism, the atrocities we’re witnessing do not fit into contained vocabulary words. There are no words for this insane disease of organized, orchestrated, executed violent waves of Hate. I don’t want to make it as simple as racism. That’s too obvious, simple and explainable.  What I feel I am witnessing is not simple, obvious, and explainable.

My scream felt like it was reaching from the tiredness of witnessing an accumulation of 500 years of genocide and atrocities. The Soul is under ATTACK!!!! The soul of many are being attacked by something larger than we can identify. It’s important to witness and observe, to not hide behind our practice, and our meditation, to feel and express! It’s important to not numb out or escape through meditation. It’s important to allow your practice to throw you deeper into the world to allow your practice to give you the armor to walk through the fire of the times we are living in. My practice is a practice for me to be able to live Yoga and feel what others are feeling and living through. It’s painful, it’s ugly and how lucky are we to be alive right now witnessing this 500 year old MESS coming to an end. To witness the Shift of thousands of years happening right before our eyes.

I screamed today and it felt good to roar and cry out of anger, sadness, and pain. It felt good to let it out and not stuff it down and meditate it away. So… now I sit with Sandra’s words “It’s time Ya’ll We Can Do This”…. and I think yes… it’s time! It’s time for us to Fly, not walk, not march, not protest! It’s time for us to reach beyond 500 years of atrocities and genocide, it’s time for us to remember our collective DNA memory of the days when we were master alchemist’s on the Earth. It’s time for us to tap into the cosmic side of our human story and call on ancestors, guides, angels, Orishas, Gods and Demi Gods, Great Master Teachers. It’s time for us to remember when we were GODs it’s time for us to understand, overstand ,and innerstand that we are GoD’s today and that we are co-creating everything around us, inside of us, below and above us.

It’s time Yall ~ We can Do this!!!! It’s time for the collective memory of all activated humans to come together and clean this mess up. Eat the ugly and create the beauty! Own Up, Face Up, Tell the Truth and deal with the ugliness we are witnessing. It’s time for us to move deeper into Self Mastery and to not allow the airwaves to drive us insane! It’s time for us to Fly. We use to know how to fly! It’s time for us as Yogis to travel deeper and share wider! Our practice is to fly!

Be careful of falling into the obvious trap. All that you see is being orchestrated and executed. Be careful of what you watch and listen to as well as read. Do not allow yourself to be hypnotized, Be careful of allowing the insane try to make you insane. Read between the lines, feel between the lines! Keep using the tools. Walk and weave the real Yoga into your day to day moment to moment life. Sat Nam!



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