Beloved Yogi Harlem is located at 678 St Nicholas Ave, Between 141st & 145th Street, NYC 10030. Enter through the small green door

We are located closer to 145th Street.  We are 2 buildings down from the 145th Street Train Station & the Famous Fish Market, we are directly across the street from the 24 hour Parking Garage, there are not many trees on our block, the one tree that we have is directly in front of our small green door entrance, and we are diagonally across from Harlem School of The Arts.

Traveling by Train:

A, B, C, D Trains: If you are traveling by train we are easily accesable from the A, B, C, & D train Line. Traveling North,  you want to be in last car on the train. Traveling South, you want to be in the first car on the train. Exiting the Train Station you will exit the South East Exit of the train Station. Walk South on St Nicholas Ave, passing the Famous Fish market, and we are located 2 buildings from the Train the train station. Please enter the Small Green Door.

For more info. Please call (646) 549-1435

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