Yoga is a scientific study of the SELF. The word Yog  means to Yoke, Yoga means Union or to merge. Yoga is a system that helps the Human Being remember how to unite with The Highest part of their Self. It helps us form a relationship to our Soul, which is ultimately the Infinite deathless part of our Self. When we practice physical Yoga we are moving our body in ancient geometrical shapes that speak an ancient body language to our cells, atoms, our organs, our spirit, our brain and ultimately our SOUL. When we chant mantras we are awakening deep memory of the Universal part of our mind and changing the electro – magnetic field that surrounds the body as well as stimulating the glandular system, when we practice right action and right thinking which is another aspect of Yoga we are creating good Karma not just for this life time but for many life times. Essentially Yoga is a system that unlocks the powerful healing memory of our DNA and realigns us with our original SELF, our True Self.

There are many styles of Yoga not all styles are physical. There is Karma Yoga the science of conscious actions, Dharma Yoga is a life style of Service and up-liftment to all man kind, Hatha Yoga is the science of the physical body, Pranayama Yoga is the science of Breath, Laya Yoga is the science of Sound and rhythm, Naad Yoga is the science of sound and vibration.

Yoga is known for releasing stress and relaxing the body, but in truth that is just what it is doing on the surface. There is so much more to it. It is a life style, it is a way of awakening the divine intelligence that the body was designed with, and becoming Humanly Human. Hu means Light and Man means Mind. Human Beings are Light Minded beings designed to create miracles on the Earth.

At Beloved Yogi we practice Kundalini Kriya & Meditation which combines Kriyas which are physical energizing sets, Mantra which is the study of sound and rhythm, Naad which is the science of sound and vibration, Meditation study of the mind, Pranayam study of the breath, Mudras (hand gestures), deep relaxation and Gong healing technology. This style of Yoga also includes Dharma Yoga, which means we are incorporating this into a life style of service and upliftment to all mankind and Karma Yoga creating conscious actions in our lives.

Yoga has been here for as long as Humans have been on this earth. Many different body systems can ultimately be traced back to the tree of Yoga and can be found in all parts of the world, as well as in many cultures. The Rishis in India were the best record keepers of Yoga, and they  were the first in modern times to keep written records of Yoga. Thanks to the generosity of  The Rishis, Gurus, and Yoga Masters in India we now have a beautiful world of Yoga, with several styles of Yoga practices to choose from.

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